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Advisory Services

03. Legal

Understanding the Importance of Having the Correct Legal Structure

before Raising Capital

One of the first — and most important — decisions business owners make is choosing the correct type of business entity for their company. The chosen structure can have long lasting tax and legal consequences, so it is paramount to get it right.

For the majority of investments the legal structure will not reflect the underlying investment. It can be viewed as a tool employed to allow multiple investors to invest in the underlying investment.  The legal structure used, and in which country it is based, can have many implications for investors.


These include what (if any) tax is payable, what fees are charged and what legal recourse is available should the investment fail. For example, a real estate investment can be structured as a limited partnership, direct partial ownership, corporate bond or membership of a company limited by guarantee. Each of these structures may provide different security and offer different returns, despite the underlying asset being exactly the same.

Our Advisory Services

Our  legal experts specialise in International Investment Law, Business Law, and Dispute Resolution and have more than 15 years of experience in the investment industry working with projects from around the world.

Our legal advisory services include:




  • Onshore and Offshore Accelerators, Investment Funds and Legal Entities

  • Debt, Equity and Convertible Investment

  • Incorporation


Documentation, Negotiation and Execution

  • Fund and Accelerator Strategy, Constitution and Documentation

  • Acceleration, Incubation and Seed/Follow-on Funding

  • Debt, Equity and Convertible Investment

  • Incorporation and Compliance


Strategic Advisory

  • Due Diligence

  • Exit Strategies

  • Assisting in Managing and Administering the Fund and the Accelerator

  • Collaboration and Syndication

  • SPACs

  • Dispute Management




Transaction Structuring and Documentation

  • Business Deals and Transactions (Legal and Tax optimum)

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Amalgamations, Joint Ventures, Corporation Finance and Restructuring



  • Drafting, Reviewing and Negotiating Contracts

  • Standard Templates and Checklists


Risk Management

  • Identifying and mitigating legal and commercial risks

  • Conducting due diligence


Compliance and Regulatory

  • Ensuring compliance with Laws and Contracts

  • Framing policies, codes and guidelines

  • Ensuring corporate governance

  • Liaison Services



  • IP Audit, Management and Valuation

  • Applying for and obtaining IPRs


Strategic Advisory

  • Legal and commercial opinions on business continuance, planning and expansion



  15 Years of Accumulated Practice

Request a Call

Should you wish have an initial discussion about what is the optimum structure for your future investment, or any other related legal matters, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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