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Our Approach

We are much more than a conventional fundraising advisory firm —  we never charge for the initial project assessment and the recommended strategy direction suitable for each project. This preliminary review as well as the recommendations that come with it will provide the base for our advisory engagement. 

We are very selective with the projects we onboard and we are honest and upfront about what is possible and what is not, avoiding unnecessary hourly fees when we do not believe we can assist with a particular project.


Project Onboarding Methodology

Part of our project selection process, the initial consultation, preliminary project audit and its recommendations are a complimentary service.

Initial Consultation

Every project starts with an initial discussion with one of our Partners and an introductory review of the project synopsis with its desired growth plan, protected by NDA agreements.

Business, Legal & Financial Auditing

Our legal and financial experts will do a preliminary review of all the relevant material pertaining to your project and prepare a brief overview of their findings, outlining key recommendations.

Recommendations & Engagement Agreement

After a series of initial discussions and project reviews from all angles, our team will provide the strategic direction best suited for the project and present the engagement proposal. 

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