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05. Security Token Offering

Understanding Asset Tokenisation 

Tokenisation on the blockchain is a steady trend that started in 2018 and is slowly building a following among asset owners and investors alike. It seems that anything can be tokenised via the blockchain from paintings, to football clubs, to company stocks and real estate.


Tokenisation is the method that converts rights to an asset into a digital token and the investment offering is called a Security Token Offering. As the value of a security token is derived from an external, tradable asset, a Security Token Offering is subjected to federal security regulations, providing investors strong assurances.  Security token holders are entitled to profit share, equity dividends and other rights.


By tokenising an asset and launching a Security Token Offering a company has an opportunity to raise funds legally from accredited investors, while providing further benefits which traditional investments don’t have the ability to.


Tokenising securities improves the liquidity of underlying assets which can engage more investors. Security tokens also come with other benefits like increased market efficiency, lower issuance fees and fractionalisation of larger assets. If a start-up meets the required regulatory obligations, the Security Token Offering can create a vast potential for a variety of applications.

Our Advisory Services

Innovo Capital provides end-to-end solutions to any company looking to launch a Security Token Offering. We partner with the best STO technology providers in the industry and we have an extensive network of broker dealers and investment banks who focus on Security Token Offerings. 


  • Legal Audit

  • Financial Audit

  • Optimisation of Business Plan and Security Offering

  • Recommendations on the appropriate jurisdiction

  • Development of the Security Token Offering Strategy



  • Drafting the full pack of STO Legal Documentation: Private Placement Memorandum, SAFT S, SAFT D, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy

  • Formation and Incorporation of necessary entity structure for Security Token Issuer including SPV (Cayman, BVI, Estonia, Swiss, Luxemburg, etc.)

  • Full review and optimisation of STO website, White Paper and Marketing Materials


  • Recommendations on the optimal issuing platform 

  • Custodian Integration

  • Exchange Listing Strategy


  • STO Marketing Strategy

  • Fundraising Strategy

  • Investor Due Diligence

  • Investor Mediation and Negotiations

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 4 Years of  Experience

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Should you wish have an initial discussion about tokenising your investment, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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