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It is crucially important for every project to start its journey with the optimal capital structure, offering a balanced mix between debt and equity financing, aiming to maximise the company’s market value while minimising its cost of capital.

We provide strategic recommendations regarding capital structure, capital allocation and shareholder management strategy.



Determining the best legal structure for your business is equally important to having the optimal capital structure.


The legal strategy will be formulated primarily based on the overall investment strategy, tax parameters and whether the project will pursue a traditional fundraise or will aim to create digital tokens and raise the desired funds through a financially regulated blockchain issuance platform.


Taking a great idea and turning it into something truly special requires not only having the right capital and legal foundation, but also an effective startup fundraising strategy.

Our role is to set your project on the right track from the very early stages of its development, recommend the ideal investment strategy as well as developing a detailed fundraising plan spanning over several months.



How you market your project determines if the business venture will be successful or not. 


It's imperative for any startup to launch with a powerful marketing strategy, as it will allow the new business to create meaningful relationships with their potential investors and future customers. It is not a one-time fix, it is an ongoing strategy that aims to support all fundraising efforts. 

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